St. Petersburg, Russia

December 18, 2014
Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

I wanted to take a tour of St. Petersburg today, but after standing at bus stop for an hour waiting for the City Tour bus, I discovered that their every-day service decided to take the day off. I’d have to do that tour on my own, so why not a run? Read more »

Along the Fontanka, St. Petersburg, Russia

December 17, 2014
Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

I’m in Saint Petersburg for a week, saving quite a bit of money on the trip since no one seems to want to visit while it’s freezing and snowing. I could be cold and damp and crowded in New York, or I could be cold and damp and uncrowded in Russia. And, they are giving out three-year multiple-entry visas as a matter of course now. Read more »

2014 Year End Summary

I set some big goals for 2014, going for some things I didn’t think I’d be able to do. Most of them I actually accomplished, but it’s the small, easy goal I miserably failed.

I ended up with 36 marathons, including five ultras, one of which was a 60k. I got my Marathon Maniacs Titanium Level by running 30 marathons in 30 different states. I have four more states left in my 50 States quest. Despite was some of my friends told me, I’m not dead or crippled. Read more »

2014 Rehoboth Beach Marathon

December 6, 2014
Rehoboth Beach, DE
Event website

My last marathon of the year, and my 36th marathon of the year. I can’t believe I’m still alive, that I’m in good health, and in what I thought was going really well ended up with me just past the Mile 21 marker with my hands on my knees and Exorcist vomit shooting out of me. If you run enough, it’s going to happen sometime and today was my time.

This marathon is more about the travel, though. The actual running was the easiest part of the weekend.

Stupid me, living in New York City, thought that renting a car at Newark Airport would be the way to go. I could get to the airport easily, get a cheap car, and be out on the highway on my way to Delaware, which I thought was much closer than it actually is. Read more »

2014 Philadelphia Marathon

November 23, 2014
Philadelphia, PA
Event website

Oh my god what a day. Until Mile 21 I thought I was close to a personal record. It was a really good day, and like most good days I have (say, like the 2012 Wisconsin Marathon), I didn’t expect it.

Last week I ran the NYRR 60k, had a decent marathon split, but developed a problem with left heel. In my midweek run, after four miles, I had the same problem. I started today being nice to my foot thinking that a moderate pace would lessen impact. If I was really extra special nice to my foot, I wouldn’t have to walk 22 miles.

But, before I get to that, I need to rant about the stupid security. The extreme reaction of local police departments in the aftermath of Boston is not only ineffective, but it’s security theater. As with Baltimore, the organizers sent a series of stern emails about bag check and what’s allowed on the course. Read more »

2014 NYRR 60k

November 15, 2014
New York, NY
Event website

A new distance and a new personal record! Today I ran 60k, and although it’s only 4k longer than the 56k I ran at Two Oceans, it seems like a big leap. Even the 50ks I ran this year seem puny in comparison for some reason.

A couple of weeks after the New York Marathon, NYRR puts on this ultra in Central Park for the real idiots in the city. It’s low key except for the paranoid and ridiculous NYPD security measures to clamp down on runners while the Park is still open for everyone else to do whatever they like. We had to put all of our food in clear bags, and we could put only food in the bags. Read more »

Running on Catalina Island

November 7-10, 2014
Santa Catalina Island, California
Catalina website

I’m on Catalina Island to run the Catalina Eco Marathon for my California marathon for my 50 States goal, but I’m also excited about running through the one small town they have, Avalon. Everything else is big hills and dry terrain. I’d like to explore much more by foot, but I have that pesky marathon to complete. Read more »

2014 Catalina Eco Marathon

November 8, 2014
Santa Catalina Island, CA
Event website

What a tough day. The Catalina Eco Marathon might be the hardest marathon I’ve done, but it’s the one that I’ve been looking forward to for a couple of years. I grew up in the area and have visited these islands many time. Running a marathon on one would be quite the experience. Most of the islands are restricted by the National Park Service or the US Navy, but Catalina is more like a beach resort. Read more »

Running near ebola

When I first read the news that ebola had made it all the way to New York, I thought “of course it has”. Yesterday none of our governments had taken any sensible or reasonable measures to stop it. Read more »

Training for running 5 Marathons in 5 Days

Now that I’ve done several five day series (Center of the Nation, Dust Bowl, Heartland, New England Challenge, and the Appalachian Series), I’ve had plenty of opportunity to give people advice on how to run these. I have scattered advice throughout the reports on the individual races, but I’ll collect it here. Read more »