Rock the Ridge 50-miler

May 2, 2015
New Paltz, NY
Event website

I didn’t make running plans after the Triple 7, plans made me. My friend Ken from Team RWB suggested I run the Rock the Ridge 50 Miler. He suggested it more than a couple times, eventually challenging me to do it carrying the US Flag the whole way while representing a big veteran presence at the race. Once he did that, I knew I had to do it. Read more »

Great Divide

April 18, 2015
Newton, NJ

When you come into a fork in the road, take it. Read more »

West Bluff Creek, Los Angeles

April 8, 2015
Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles can be a difficult place to find a quiet place to run, but this week I stayed near LAX so I could explore the paths around West Bluff Creek and Playa Vista. It runs from the 405 to the beach along the bluff. I’d start at the LA Clippers training facility on South Centinela, past Loyola Marymount University then by the Ballona Wetlands until it runs into the beach. Read more »

2015 Running Goals

My 2014 running year was a bit insane. I set out some bold goals, including over 30 marathons in a year. I achieved those goals, and rather than running myself into the ground, I set personal records in every distance I ran.

This year, instead of quantity, I have some quality goals. These are going to be tough and I’m going to have to work at them. Last year was just showing up with no pressure other than to finish. Read more »

Seven Continents Half Tracker

I’ve run the Seven Continents for marathons and have almost completed it for ultras, but I have an additional goal now. My friend Ziyad Rahim became the first person to run full, ultras, and halves on all seven continents. I wouldn’t have previously thought about this goal, but while waiting to go to Antarctica for the Triple 7, I ran the 2015 Punta Arenas Half. As I’d run one in South America, I might as well get the rest.

Continent First go
North America 2010 Disney Wine & Dine
South America 2015 Punta Arenas
Europe 2008 Reykjavík

My Tunis Loop

February 25, 2015
Carthago, Tunisia

I’m feeling a bit better about my Tunis marathon a couple of weeks ago when the weather was much better than it is this week. It rains buckets all day and clears up at night when I go out running. When it’s not raining, it’s very windy. That might be why I’m the only one in the hotel, I think. Read more »

Back to Tunis

February 23, 2015
Carthago, Tunisia

I’ve come back to Tunis to de-compress after my Triple 7 quest. After living in such close quarters with a bunch of highly motivated, mostly Type A types, for two weeks of airplanes and marathons, I need to hole up in some secluded hotel room to transition to civilian life. Read more »

2015 Punta Arenas Half Marathon

February 15, 2015
Punta Arenas, Chile
Event website

We should have run the Penguin Marathon just hours after finishing the Southern Cross Marathon, completing the entire seven marathon series in under 168 hours. However, weather intervened and we couldn’t get to Antartica so we were cooling our heels (almost literally) in Punta Arenas waiting for a flight out. Read more »

Triple 7 Antarctica: The Penguin Marathon

Triple 7 South America: Southern Cross Marathon